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Evomed Introduction

We want to earn the trust and confidence of our customers by conforming to and satisfying their needs.

At Evomed, we are emerging as a chain of up-coming medical retail franchise outlets in Pune. We are focused on selling medical products and are customer-centric to the core. Our franchise is a hub of a wide array of authentic and quality medical products that are available at unmatched prices in the market.

Evomed is having a well-qualified and experienced pharmacists and store staff, who excel in dealing with medical-related needs. Our client list is extensive and is fast growing day-by-day.

Today, Evomed is successfully catering to existing and evolving needs for the Pharma industry. We do our best to ensure that our world-class medical products and services reach our customers on timely basis and perfectly. Because if our excellent medical products and also hassle-free and timely home delivery services, large numbers of customers is getting attracted towards us.

We always consider and serve you as our valuable customer and help you to get what you are looking for at Evomed. We believe in going a step ahead to help our customers to choose which medicine will suit them depending on the health concern. With our state-of-the-art Inventory Management System we can keep a track of all your bills and Health records very efficiently.

Why evomed?

Irrespective of the medical product(s) you are looking to buy from a medical store, do not look further. Your obvious choice is Evomed for once and forever!!

medical franchise store

Well-qualified and
proficient staff

World-class inventory
management system

Future of
the Healthcare store

A vast range of
medical products